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Morgan ring

Adjustable band ring One Size

Morgan ring 

Adjustable band ring one size 

Convex band ring

  • Material: 18k gold plated bronze, 1 micron, with cataphoresis, also available in rhodium.
  • Made in Italy handcrafted product


The stones:

Moonstones: Milky Gray Powder

Tourmaline: Amber Orange Green Raspberry


The Moonstone or Adularia has a magnificent pearly, white, or blue reflection, reminiscent of the light of the night star, excels among the gems for its shining effect called adularescence


Tourmaline comes from the Senegalese word "turmali", which is "stone mixed of colors". Another term which it is called "chameleon gem", which indicates its wide range of colors. Each tourmaline crystal has two colors (one dark and one white), which change intensity according to the angle of observation.

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