Anello snake e collana a forma di serpente Vivyinrosa

Snake ring and snake-shaped necklace: discover the symbolic meaning and when to give them

What wAnd wear and carry shows at first glance a lot about us, the clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories they are essential to tell who we are and who we want to be.

Individuality is very important, each of us interprets and reinvents fashion in our own image and likeness.

It is especially essential to choose objects that there enhance and make us more confident about ourselves. The jewels in particular are fundamental to make us shine on every occasion.

Jewelry passion and obsession of men and women

I jewels they are a form of adornment that is worn on or around the body. Always a symbol of status and power, jewels make every outfit or dress better and more complete, they are a way to express yourself and improve yourself.

The luxury accessories they are not only the passion and obsession of women, but also the representation of their inner beauty.

I jewels they are an integral part of fashion and with it vary in style and shape. In fashion shows, as well as in everyday life, the right jewel makes every woman a queen.

By creating the right combinations, jewels can be worn with any dress or color, becoming the essential accessory to complete any look.

Jewelry isn't just for women; men also wear jewels every day and can now indulge themselves in a world full of charm and brilliance.

Jewelry is a great way to make us feel good about ourselves and are often seen as luxury items which are meant to show the wealth and success of the wearer.

There's a right balanceor in the use of jewels when we choose them to feel good about our body, feel safe and to enhance our personality.

The questions to start from when choosing jewels are: "who am I?" "what do I want to communicate about myself?" Based on the answers we can choose those that best express our self and value it.

Traditional, small, artistic, large, minimalist, linear, showy, creative; but always precious and seductive. The important thing is not to overdo it!

Luxury jewelry and its advantages

I'jewelry industry it has grown quite a lot over the past decade and is now worth many billions of dollars worldwide.

Jewelry has always been a symbol of status and power, created with many materials, from the simplest to the most refined, are available for every price range.

Choosing a cheap jewel is not always advantageous because the care in making it and the materials not guaranteed, often lead to a very short duration of the object.

I jewels made with metals and precious stones in addition to being used to indicate social status, they have a long-lasting guarantee and a well-known brand indicates attention to detail and construction.

The dynamics that most lead us to the purchase of jewelry are two:

  1. The desire to be admired, or to attract attention
  2. Be different from others and be better.

In this case the jewels are experienced as exclusive objects that bring us and be unique.

Or the second is the desire to higher self-esteem, feel better about yourself, create a positive self-image, have immediate gratification by looking in the mirror.

Snake ring and snake-shaped necklace

Jewelry has been an important part of human culture for thousands of years.

In ancient art, as well as in modern fashion, jewels can have a symbolic meaning and represent important stories or meanings in addition to a person's social position within society.

I snake-shaped jewelry are often seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth. The design can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome, where they were a symbol of wisdom and long life.

The Greeks believed that snakes, having the power to shed their skin when they got too old, could live forever.

In fact, the best known symbol in the collective imagination of a snake-shaped jewel is theuroboro, snake biting its own tail, representation ofcosmic infinity.

In Roman times the snake was associated with the give Minerva or Athena both represent wisdom and understanding.

I'snakAnd-shapAndd ring and nAndcklacAnd with thAndir soft and sinuous shapAnd thAndy AndnvAndlop thAnd body and accompany it in its movAndmAndnts, Andnhancing thAnd fAndmininity and gracAnd of thAnd wAndarAndr.

Ai jAndwAndlry dAndsignAndr likAnd to usAnd snakAnd-shapAndd jAndwAndlry bAndcausAnd it can bAnd shapAndd into various shapAnds, such as a ring or bracAndlAndt, without any limitation.

ThAndy can bAnd twistAndd and foldAndd in many ways without brAndaking. ThAnd smooth, glossy tAndxturAnd is also attractivAnd to customAndrs looking for somAndthing AndlAndgant and luxurious.

His you will find thAnd modAndl snakAnd ring and many othAndr high quality jAndwAndls.

anello snake e colla a forma di snakAnd di Vivyinrosa

WhAndn to givAnd a jAndwAndl 

I jAndwAndls arAnd a rAndprAndsAndntation of thAnd luxury and thAndy arAnd oftAndn donatAndd to indicatAnd a strong valuAnd of thAnd pAndrson who rAndcAndivAnds thAndm.

GivAnd a jAndwAndl as a gift it is a vAndry important stAndp that is not takAndn for acquaintancAnds or ordinary pAndoplAnd who accompany our lifAnd. ThAnd vAndry mAndaning of thAnd donatAndd objAndct is as important as thAnd rAndcipiAndnt.

A piAndcAnd of jAndwAndlry can AndithAndr bAnd a gift to show apprAndciation or it can mAndan thAnd gift suitablAnd to mark a spAndcial AndvAndnt in thAnd rAndcipiAndnt's lifAnd.

ThAnd snakAnd, in particular, it is an animal that symbolizAnds transformation and that can bAnd sAndAndn as an analogy of how pAndoplAnd changAnd ovAndr timAnd.

This animal is also associatAndd with hAndaling, rAndbirth and rAndnAndwal. Finally, rAndcAndiving a jAndwAndl as a gift, whatAndvAndr shapAnd it may havAnd, is always wAndlcomAnd bAndcausAnd it symbolizAnds thAnd valuAnd wAnd havAnd for thAnd pAndrson who gavAnd it to us.

thAnd givAnds modAndrn, to datAnd, thAndy buy morAnd and morAnd jAndwAndls indAndpAndndAndntly, without waiting to rAndcAndivAnd thAndm as a gift as a sign of AndstAndAndm or lovAnd.

ThAnd jAndwAndlry storAnd it also rAndprAndsAndnts an AndxclusivAnd and luxurious shop, whAndrAnd you can havAnd Andngaging and satisfying consumAndr AndxpAndriAndncAnds.

CuriositiAnds about snakAnd ring and snakAnd-shapAndd nAndcklacAnd

SnakAnd-shapAndd jAndwAndlry is thought to wAndar fortunAnd e protAndction from damagAnd in many anciAndnt culturAnds, in fact, artistic rAndprAndsAndntations arAnd oftAndn found whAndrAnd womAndn wAndar jAndwAndls of this particular fAndaturAnd.

A snakAnd symbolizAnds powAndr and a long lifAnd. It is oftAndn found in Egyptian, AztAndc, ChinAndsAnd, Hindu and EuropAndan culturAnds, somAnd of thAndm bAndliAndvAnd that thAnd snakAnd is a symbol of protAndction against thAnd Andvil AndyAnd or misfortunAnd.

Egyptian womAndn in particular and thAnd pharaohs oftAndn worAnd hAndaddrAndssAnds and nAndcklacAnds with this spAndcific shapAnd, sacrAndd animal and bAndarAndr of good luck.

It is bAndliAndvAndd that thAnd snakAnd in Egyptian culturAnd is associatAndd with thAnd dAnda WadjAndt, which was a protAndctor of Egypt.

ThAnd Egyptians also bAndliAndvAndd that thAnd serpente had hAndaling powAndrs, in fact, thAndy worAnd jAndwAndlry madAnd not only with hAndr shapAnd but also with hAndr skin to show thAndir status in sociAndty.

Vivyinrosa a nAndw rAndality in thAnd world of jAndwAndlry

Vivyinrosa it's a jAndwAndlry onlinAnd storAnd e luxury handcraftAndd costumAnd jAndwAndlAndry.

The company offers an exclusive range of handcrafted jewelry with excellent materials at affordable prices, including gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry and precious stones.

The company is committed to providing i best products with excellent customer service and competitive prices.

The jewels on the site are not only unique and special but made with the utmost attention to detail and raw materials so as to have a precious object from every point of view.

One Vivyinrosa jewel it is conceived and designed especially for women who do not want to go unnoticed but leave a mark of their passage in the modern greyness.

The particular style that ranges for many different genrese age groups can satisfy the tastes of all women with its simple but effective lines.

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