How to Wear the Piercing Earring

The Piercing Earring consists of 3 parts:

  1. frontal to the lobe
  2. back to the adjustable lobe
  3. hook closure

 infografica piercing vivyinrosa

  1. Insert part 1 into the lobe. Slide the end into the lobe and gently twist the jewelry as you thread it. Push the jewelry until the front is flush with the skin of the lobe or until it reaches the position you want. 
  2. Place the adjustable part 2 behind the earlobe. Slowly and gently push the pin of part 1 into the adjustment holes of part 2. Choose the hole that best suits the size of your earlobe and the location of the hole. Remember that the adjustment bar should not be visible. 
  3. Close the Piercing Earring. Once the 2 parts of the piercing earring have reached a correct position, slide the locking hook onto the rear tip. Slowly and gently bring the clasp to the center of the earring and secure it in place. At this point, the piercing earring is locked.