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Gift ideas for women? Discover my handcrafted jewelry collections ideal for birthdays and anniversaries

One birthday, a anniversary, a impOrtant anniversary. It is nOt always easy tO find the right sOlutiOn capable Of uniting the sentiment Of the gift giver with the taste and persOnality Of the recipient.

Every OccasiOn is special hOw special is the persOn tO whOm a preciOus gift is given.

SymbOlOgy and identity - A reminder that cOmes frOm the jewels Of the past

Since the dawn Of time, the jewels they adOrned the bOdies Of wOmen and cOnferred an identity and distinct sign On thOse whO Owned them.

Necklaces Of pendants made Of bOne and pOlished and pierced stOnes, preciOus jewels, earrings and bracelets have been fOund in tOmbs and archaeOlOgical sites dating back 10,000 years.

Having a jewel in every age has been a distinctive sign and representative Of the wearer. A preciOus symbOlic Object Often marked the belOnging tO a family, a clan Or a tribe, a sOcial class Or simply a rOle.

The experience Of a yOung emerging stylist in Italian gOldsmithing and high fashiOn jewelery

An accurate search fOr symbOls and traditiOns is carried Out by yOung gOldsmith designer Viviana and presented in his Online atelier: VivyinrOsa.

The jewels and the luxury cOstume jewelery created by her are the result Of an accurate research in the symbOlism Of identity that finds its rOOts in the mOst archaic culture Of the "gift" and fully reflect the artisan traditiOn Of Made in Italy.

Made with preciOus materials, nOble metals, refined stOnes and quality wOrkmanship. These creatiOns add a tOuch Of style and elegance by adapting magical and religiOus symbOls tO mOdern lines.

Magic symbOls in the drOp earrings

Suitable fOr wOmen Of all ages, the earrings frOm the VivyinrOsa cOllectiOn, are able tO enhance the beauty Of a face and reflect its persOnality.

In this yOung wOman's jewels Italian designer, we find the weaves and geOmetric designs full Of arcane meanings that thOusands Of years Of femininity have brOught tO us.

One gift elegant, with a mOdern design, capable Of enhancing the refinement Of a face and the class Of the wOman whO wears it the YOkO earrings, with central Oval Onyx and 3 drOps alsO in Onyx, set in an 18 k gOld plated brOnze ring, 1 micrOn.

They are alsO the ideal chOice fOr a yOung wOman, tO seal a impOrtant event Like his Eighteenth birthday, Or a milestOne I reach like diplOma o GraduatiOn.

The Onyx stOne fOr crystal therapy it is cOnsidered a stOne capable Of imprOving the sOund percentage and hearing disOrders. This stOne is credited with the pOwer tO drive away negative energies.

The rings - symbOl Of a deep bOnd fOr every OccasiOn

I'ring has always been a symbOl Of mystery and Of intimate bOnd with the Others. Each culture has its Own legend abOut it. This jewel has inspired impOrtant films up tO the mOst recent: Shang-Chi and the legend Of the Ten Rings Of the Marvel Cinematic Oneiverse.

Rings with magical pOwers, rings capable Of cOntaining the energy and spirit Of thOse whO dOnated it, rings capable Of passing On the strength Of thOse whO Owned it.

The rings in every culture cOntinue tO represent a strOng bOnd and they are the emblem, the symbOl Of the sealing Of a cOntract especially Of the sOul, like the wedding band Or the engagement ring.

The magical pOwer Of the snake handed dOwn frOm One wOman tO anOther wOman

The snake in Oriental culture and ancient civilizatiOns it has always been a symbOl Of fecundatiOn and the arcaneity Of the pOwers Of the earth.

ImpOrtant tOmbs Of ancient ROme, were decOrated with the figure Of the snake, symbOl Of eternity and the regenerating fOrce Of life.

Onetil the 1950s it was custOmary in Sardinia tO give a snake-shaped ring. The serpentine, as it was called, due to its shape, usually had sapphires or other precious stones set in place of eyes.

It was a very special gift that was given as an ancient rite. This initiatory gift had to take place strictly from woman to woman, also hidden from the eyes of the church for which the snake was the symbol of sin.

The precious gift was usually given by an aunt or a female figure important to the family and marked the transition of a child to adulthood.

The serpentines in the Vivyinrosa collection

The symbolism of this ring is found in the Vivyinrosa collection, in two versions:

  • the Skunk ring which re-proposes the more traditional version, with the perfectly carved head of the snake
  • Simone ring where the serpentine is made with an admirable intertwining ending in a smooth semi-triangular plate that recalls the head of the snake.

Both are in 18 k gold plated bronze, 1 micron, with cataphoresis that allows to fix the gilding and make it last over time.

Idee regalo donna anello Skunk

Angel wings or divine Nike in the Nina ring

A strong divine symbology it is also found inNina ring, one size with adjustable band, two angel wings that also resemble the wings of venus by Nike, made of 18 k gold plated bronze with satin matte finish, also available in the ruthenium version.

Great originality and symbolism in the two-finger ring

If you want to opt for a original gift, l'Taylor ring it is definitely a jewel of sure effect, a design on two fingers with two pearls and a central garnet drop.

Makes it a perfect gift for the 18 years of your daughter or granddaughter, or to celebrate her graduation, but also for a degree or on any other occasion. With pearls also called fresh water that are grown mainly in the rivers of the East.

A pearl necklace for any occasion

A pearl necklace should mark the most important events of a woman, but one event in particular is essential: the pearl wedding.

I 30 years of marriage they are called their own wedding of pearls. It may seem a bit obvious to seal an important event, but symbolically the great difficulty of making a wedding last 30 years is associated with the exceptional event that was once, before their cultivation, the discovery of a natural pearl.

The "Rock" collection by the designer Vivyinrosa

For uninhibited and exuberant dreamers, self-confident, rock lovers and at the same time modern and romantic, the "Rock" collection by stilista Vivynrosa, offers a wide choice of precious, practical to wear and combinable with any clothing.

In bracelets with more traditional chains such as Taylor bracelet to the most modern and original lines such as the Kittie bracelet or the Otep bracelet.

A bracelet is an important gift capable of sealing any event

One gold or silver bracelet, with dense or intertwined links, rings of chains of various shapes and sizes. The bracelet is one of the most popular gifts since baptism.

In the African tradition, the bracelet is one of the most important gifts. The bridal bracelet is changed by the spouses at the moment of the wedding, exactly as in Western culture they exchange rings.

An original gift, especially for young women is the Kate bracelet, with an original magnet-closed handcuff shape, one size, in 18 k gold plated bronze, 1 micron.

A necklace for every occasion

Coilleur, choker, choker, short, half-length, long, intertwined or ring chains, smooth links or interspersed with precious stones, simple threads on which to hang a precious pendant or a magical symbol.

If you have to do a regalo, by a birthday, a anniversary or one important anniversary, necklaces are one of the most appreciated gifts.

They are versatile, they can be worn on any occasion and are worn according to the outfit and the occasion.

The chain link in the goldsmith's art has always represented one of the classics. An example is the Tina necklace from the Vivyinrosa collection, with a light chain interspersed with moonstones or adularia, capable of giving a pearly white reflection tending to blue, reminiscent of the light of the moon.

Also known by the name of Selenite, in Indian popular belief but also in ancient Rome and it was believed that the adularia stone had the power to capture the energy of the moon.

While the short necklaces are great for the matinee, le half long of the long they range on average from 60 to 90 cm and are mainly used in the evening.

A long necklace can also be worn easily with a high-necked sweater and jeans, with the lightness of teenagers looking for a slightly hipe line and a good dose of personality.

A pendant with the chakras of the stones

If you want to bet on a pendant that identifies the personality of whoever wants to make the gift, the stone that represents it, the zodiac sign etc., is it is good to choose a medium necklace, the so-called matinee which goes from 50 to 55 cm in length.

A choker for an important event

One choker it is usually given as a souvenir of a important event, it is always good to choose one whose mesh is interspersed with one or more important stones.

the chain necklaces as important as the Dolly necklace of the young emerging stylist Vivyinrosa, has an important length, cm. 89.

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