Welcome to my World

Vivyinrosa it is not just a handcrafted jewelry brand, it is a point of view, a way of being that feeds on the personality of its young designer Viviana. Born and raised in the Eternal City, Viviana has been passionate about art, fashion and trends since she was a child. Particular signs? Natural beauty, rebellious spirit, eclectic taste and a lot of determination to make her dream come true: to create her own brand that tells it.

Her jewels have an essential, contemporary and elegant design, and are made with the best quality and goldsmith workmanship, in the sign of the most authentic Made in Italy.

The inspiration comes from the sea and from distant countries, as if it were a journey that starts from the past and arrives in the present, mixing the most current and contemporary styles with the ancient ones. Between Minimal proposals and more showy ideas, contaminations of Art decò and punk rock style, Vivyinrosa it is characterized by an exclusive charm, expressed by soft and feminine lines but also geometric, simple and clean. 

The jewels Vivyinrosa they are not simple accessories, but real distinctive signs, which give personality to the wearer, they are aimed at all strong, elegant and self-confident women, but above all to all those who do not want to go unnoticed.   

For women who want to shine every day, all day, Vivyinrosa it is a declaration of love for oneself.